An afternoon with Rescue Dogs: Patti and Zane
Patti and Zane Rescue Dogs

An afternoon with Rescue Dogs: Patti and Zane

How could two rescue dogs seem so different and at the same time, seem to share a common personality? That's what I was asking myself today after walking Patti and Zane from the Montgomery County Humane Society (web link).


First was Patti. I mean how can you not look into those soulful Beagle mix eyes and want to take her for a walk? Patti is a gentle soul. Her eagerness to please will make her a great adoption. Let me tell you one thing about our photo session. A 5-year old girl walked up and wanted to pet Patti. Of course I agreed to while monitoring the situation *very closely*. After 5-minutes passed, it was as if the two had spent their short lives together, each attending to each other like best friends. I got a quick photo of the moment, but without a signed release from the girl's parents, I'm afraid the shot will have to stay on my hard drive. Regardless, Patti's gentle nature really shined in that moment.

Patti, a rescue dog from Montgomery County Humane Society
An afternoon with Rescue Dogs: Patti and Zane 1


Next was Zane and given, this rescue dog is a 1-year old rottie/hound mix, you'd think he'd be quite the opposite of Patti. But it's like Patti did some coaching before Zane's walk. Sure, he's full of energy and he really wanted to get out for a walk, but Zane takes direction so well. He was quick to calm down and follow my lead. Now it was my first time with Zane, so I kept him away from people but Zane was eager to meet each passersby if I would just give him a quick moment! Our thirty-minutes went by quickly and I didn't want to keep Zane too long from meeting potential adopters. Back we went but before Zane went into his pen I was sure to give him a few pets and a treat.

So I did feel that it was odd that Patti could be so gentle and Zane have so much energy. But both rescue dogs were eager to please me on our walks, it almost gave them a similar personality. And that will make them great adoptions. Good luck Patti! Be a good boy Zane!

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