Rescue Dogs Omah and Ellerie: a day at the park
Omah and Ellerie - a day at the park

Rescue Dogs Omah and Ellerie: a day at the park

Although it was another hot August day, the dogs at the Montgomery County Humane Society don't care. They still need a walk and I was due for another visit. Upon arriving, a cute little Boston Terrier mix named Omah caught my eye. With a fresh reload of treats and bags, off to the park across the street we went. Omah seemed to know what she wanted to do. She climbed right up onto the park bench in the shade as if she just wanted to sit down and a few treats.
Rescue Dog, Omah, is a Boston Terrier mix and is sitting on a park bench
Not that Omah was lazy, in fact she's spunky like a lot of terriers and has a very positive disposition as well. In fact she seemed to have enough energy that even though it was hot, perhaps she wouldn't mind a walk up the street. We paused at the Rockville Metro parking lot as I looked at the light reflected from the city's buildings. As I looked down at Omah, she already seemed to have the idea...or maybe she was hot. But she was sitting with the perfect pose and just begging for another photo.
Boston Terrier mix, Omah, sits patiently near Rockville Metro station
We looked around for a few other locations for a photo, but I could tell the heat was getting to her. After a treat, back to MCHS we went. As Omah and I walked into the kennel area, we heard a big howl that only a hound could make. And that was Ellery, a female beagle mix, clearly announcing that she was next in the queue for a walk. Now Ellery isn't a fast walker and I don't know if that's because she's busy sniffing everything in our path or whether Ellery wasn't in a rush to get back to MCHS. It took us about 15 minutes just to get across the street to the park. I had plenty of time to get my camera ready as Ellery sniffed around the boulders and flowers.
Rescue dog Beagle-mix, Ellerie, stands on a rock
Ellery is a cuddle-dog, so I put her up on the park bench, gave her some pets and a few treats. We saw a few cars enter into MCHS's parking lot. So I suggested to Ellery that we get her back to her kennel just in case the visitors wanted to meet her, but one more photo first.
Rescue Dog Beagle mix, Ellery, looks through the slats of a park bench
Good news. At the time that I am finishing this post, neither Omah or Ellery appear to be available on the MCHS website. Hopefully they have an adoption request! Good luck Omah! Enjoy the new home Ellery!
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