Juliet and Brody

Juliet and Brody

Sometimes rescue dogs like their photo taken. Sometimes they don’t. Such was my story photographing Juliet and Brody at the Montgomery County Humane Society today.

First was Juliet, a female mix. Everyone at MCHS loves Juliet – she’s beautiful, affectionate and curious. Juliet, however, is not a starlet in front of the camera. As soon as I raised the big mechanical monster to my eye, she would look away. Use treats you say? Try my squeaker? Talk to her in funny voices? Juliet would have none of that.

The good thing with Juliet is that she is very curious. The trick was getting her close enough to people and dogs walking by, but not too close to the traffic (i.e. she’s a bit timid around loud noises). Every time somebody would walk by, she’d look in their direction. Get between Juliet and the passerby and snap, snap, snap, I got my photos

Photo of Juliet, resue dog
Juliet, Rescue Dog, from MCHS
  • Juliet's information on MCHS's website: https://goo.gl/76YJRL

Juliet was very much a sweetheart, just not a fan of having her photo taken. Surely if I had more time to get to know her and find out what treats she likes, I could get her to warm up in front of the camera. Brody on the other hand was a complete ham. Three clicks of the shutter button and his first picture was done.

Brody is also a pit mix and could run for Loviest Dog of the Year. He’s very affectionate and I could hold his attention in front of camera with the smallest of treats. No tricks needed here.

  • Brody's information will be MCHS's site soon: https://goo.gl/E0cnDA
Photo of Brody, rescue dog, from Montgomery County Humane Society

When you have such an easy photo subject it’s very tempting to try all sorts of different shots. When you don’t have to problem solve with a rescue dog photo it’s a creativity opportunity. However, after one more shot, I needed to get Brody back to his kennel. Certainly the next couple coming in the door of MCHS might be his new owners, and so back we went…with a little visit to MCHS staff first of course.

Brody, rescue dog from Montgomery County Humane Society
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