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Who Doesn’t Love a Hound?

Who doesn’t love a hound? Well if they met Travis, they’d certainly change their mind. Travis is the Bluetick Coonhound that I walked this past Saturday at the Montgomery County Humane Society. Right out of […]

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Juliet and Brody

Sometimes rescue dogs like their photo taken. Sometimes they don’t. Such was my story photographing Juliet and Brody at the Montgomery County Humane Society today. First was Juliet, a female mix. Everyone at MCHS loves […]

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The New Year Means Getting Back to Photos of Shelter Dogs

Wow I was feeling rusty. Although I’d worked on a few fundraisers for the Montgomery County Humane Society (MCHS), but I hadn’t been out to take photos of rescue dogs since September! And it showed. […]

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Every Morning Walk Should Be Like This

Gone were the joggers, the walkers and the usual weekend activity in my neighborhood’s local park. The total silence on my walk this weekend morning was wonderful. All you could hear was the muffled sound […]

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An afternoon with Rescue Dogs: Patti and Zane

How could two rescue dogs seem so different and at the same time, seem to share a common personality? That’s what I was asking myself today after walking Patti and Zane from the Montgomery County […]

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Nature Images from a Southeast DC National Park?

Clearly I got the directions wrong. I was parked in a fairly rough neighborhood at 6:15AM behind a line of ten cars sitting in front of a rusty chain link gate. This wasn’t a National […]

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Rescue Dogs Omah and Ellerie: a day at the park

Although it was another hot August day, the dogs at the Montgomery County Humane Society don’t care. They still need a walk and I was due for another visit. Upon arriving, a cute little Boston […]

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